It’s paw-sitvely fantastic! We reached our goal of sponsoring an entire litter of puppies through COPE.

For the month of October, with each new insurance quote, Medallion showed our thanks by making a donation to COPE Service Dogs. Sponsoring an entire litter of puppies that will transform the lives of people with disabilities.

One dog, paw-sitively impacts 40 lives.

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Our Goal

Raise enough funds to sponsor the entire litter of puppies

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What is COPE?

Canine, Opportunity, People, Empowerment

COPE Service Dogs’ mission is to provide a remarkable education program that engages communities and empowers students and others in the training of service dogs that will transform the lives of people with disabilities.

The programs that COPE Service Dogs provide for youth, elementary students, and those in hospitals and retirement/nursing homes all support our ultimate goal of enriching the lives of persons with disabilities by providing them with a specially trained service dog.

  • To date, 98% of youth who have been involved in COPE Service Dogs’ Canines in the Classroom Program have either graduated or are still in school. 
  • Each dog-in-training touches and enriches the lives of over 40 people before being placed with their Life Partner.

Learn more about COPE here.

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