Your RV is two assets in one – a getaway car and a home! However, this hybrid presents more risks than a typical house or car.

Our Brokers will advise you on the best coverage options to best prepare you for the open road. Some of the most basic coverage options are detailed below.

  • Third Party Liability: covers you when you are found to be legally liable for injuries to another person or for damage to another person’s property.
  • Property Damage: this coverage pays for repairs to your vehicle and its contents when someone else causes damage to it.
  • Uninsured Driver: covers you if you are injured or killed by an uninsured driver who is found liable for the accident.
  • Accident Benefits: cover medical costs and rehab, loss of income due to disability or death, and funeral expenses.

Your broker will also take you through additional options including comprehensive and collision insurance, and give you advice on considering the amount of coverage you should have.

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